NASCAR: Season Thus Far

So we are 8 races into the season and we made it through the first off week. So I figured it would be fitting to do a little season in review thus far. There has been many surprises so far this season. There has been last lap passes, a fight, the end of a drought, and a few unexpected leaders in points. This is what we have seen so far:

The Kids are Taking Over

Kyle Larson, Chase Elliot, and Ryan Blaney. These kids are slowly but surely becoming the new faces of the sport. With an average age of 22, these young stars are taking the sport by storm. Larson is in his forth full year, and Elliot and Blaney are both in their second full year. Currently, Larson is winning in points and is locked into the Chase with a win in California. Chase Elliot is in 2nd in points, and Ryan Blaney is currently 10th in points. There is no doubt that these guys are here to stay and will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Get used to seeing this, the young guns of NASCAR out in front of the pack.

The Fight

No surprise here that the first post race altercation of the season was between Joey Logano and Kyle Busch. But I guess it was a surprise on how early they got into the fight. It only took three races. There is no love lost between the these two. There has been many instances where these two have gotten into scuffles, on and off the track. It almost seems as if every time these two meet on the track, something happens. I would not be surprised to see another off-track scuffle between these two later in the season.

The Drought is Over for RCR

Ryan Newman took the win on a late race restart in Phoenix. This win broke a three year winless streak for Richard Childress Racing. It was the first win for RCR since Kevin Harvick won in Phoenix in November of 2013. So even though Ryan Newman finished second in points in the 2014 Chase, he did not record a win that

Ryan Newman snaps a 3 year winless streak for RCR at Phoenix

season. So this race was a rare bright spot for RCR, but I don’t see them having a car that can fight for a championship.

Championship Predictions

There has been seven races, and six different winners thus far. So there are six drivers locked into the Chase; Kyle Larson, Martin Truex Jr, Brad Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson, Ryan Newman, and Kurt Busch. Chase Elliot and Ryan Blaney will have race wins this season and lock themselves into the Chase. It’s just a matter of time before Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, and Kevin Harvick get their wins, too. The Chase will be another exciting sequence of races, but at the end of the Chase, I think Kyle Larson will win his first Monster Energy NASCAR Series Championship.


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