Shorts Season Will Never Die

We just got two feet of snow here in Central New York in roughly 48 hours. All of the fall clothes got put back into the closet as the puffy coats and winter boots got brought out. That’s for normal people. This guy is not letting shorts season go by the wayside. I’d wear shorts and flip flops all year round if I could. Some may call me crazy or psychotic but when they call me that, I hit them with the facts. I’ve actually conducted a study of one person (myself) and the results show that the peak of pure happiness involves wearing shorts and flip flops. Look it up, it’s a fact of life.

Sure, it gets a little nippy living in Syracuse. Occasionally we get two feet of snow in a day. Hey, it was 70 degrees on Saturday. Transitioning from shorts and flip flops to winter clothes doesn’t just happen over night folks. Like any good thing, it takes time. I usually like to transition into winter clothes around March so I don’t have to experience it for too long. Do you know how much time you save by not having to put on socks or pants? Think about all the time you’ve spent looking for that matching sock or a pair of pants that are clean. In the second study I conducted, the average human saves one minute a day by going shorts and no socks. If my math is correct, thats 365 minutes a year. According to the experts, that’s a lot of time. 

Pants are overrated. Socks are overrated. Winter is overrated. You can keep your warmth and coziness during these long, cold winters. I’ll keep my happiness in shorts and flip flops. 

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