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When one thinks about different types of clubs offered on a campus like Cortland, the mind tends to think of intramural sports or clubs related to majors such as the Sport Management Club. However, there are dozens of clubs that people are not aware of. One cause of this could be that Cortland is home to dozens of clubs and organizations. 

Even though all of these clubs are offered, it would be impossible for students to join even half of them. Students at SUNY Cortland must choose which of these clubs will help them in the future. Perhaps one of the least well-known, yet most informative and practical clubs is the Dartfish club.

The Dartfish club meets once a week in the Professional Studies building to learn how to utilize the Dartfish software. Dartfish is a video analysis software that is incredibly important and widely-used throughout the world of sports.

Professor Bauer showing how to utilize video analytics
Professor Bauer showing club members how to utilize dartfish’s full range of video analytic software

The club is run by Dr Jeff Bauer, who is a professor in SUNY Cortland’s Kinesiology department. Dr Bauer has a working knowledge of the Dartfish software and helps students to apply the software to real-life situations on campus.

Professor Bauer mentioned that the Dartfish club had been working with the Cortland Swim team as well as the Physical education department. By using Dartfish it allows us to view things from different angles and improve the performance of athletes as well as current and future educators.

Being able to use Dartfish for free is certainly advantageous to college students who would be unable to afford the large fee to download and own the software. Students who are in the club and have enough knowledge of how to operate Dartfish can become certified through SUNY Cortland.

Being certified offers several advantages to young adults coming out of college. Aside from being able to write “Certified in Dartfish video analytics system” on a resume, students could possibly even make a career out of it. Professor Bauer told me that he has had a number of students who graduated in the last few years who work with Dartfish every day, including some who even work for the Olympics.

In the video below, professor Bauer speaks about how Dartfish has been used to help explain exercises to physical therapy patients.

I would recommend joining the Dartfish club to any student who is looking to build their resume as well as any students in majors such as Kinesiology, Exercise Science, or Physical Education. There are tons of clubs and organizations at SUNY Cortland all of which offer students something unique. The Dartfish club is a very unique club simply because it is teaching students a valuable skill that could be the difference between getting and not getting their dream job. So take a trip down to Professional Studies room 1145 and join the smart fish who learn Dartfish.

Professional Studies
A beautifully illuminated Professional studies


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