Some Thoughts on Cortland’s Win Against St. Lawrence

The Good:

  • Cortland managed to overcome a 1-0 lead by St. Lawrence in the first Half
  • Dominated the entire second half registering over 55% of the ball
  • Managed to rebound after an early mistake that lead to the goal for St. Lawrence

The Bad:

  • The right side got beaten in the 3rd minute that led to the goal
  • GK Connor Young made the wrong decision of letting a rebound in front of the striker that eventually led to an easy goal
  • Did not take advantage of a Red Card in the 77th minute to score the fourth minute
  • At times the offense felt flat and the defense played too far up in free kicks and also in corner kicks that led to many chances that luckily St. Lawrence didn’t take advantage of


Analysis of the First Half

Cortland started sluggish, but then got better on offense as the game went on. In the third minute of the match, the defense was too far up making it easy for St. Lawrence to score their goal. When Brendan McNamee first shot the ball Connor Young made the mistake of letting a . After that shock of the goal, the offense got better.  The adjustments made near the 30th minute made it easier for the penalty kick which was missed but the Red Dragons to rebound and led to the first goal and 2 yellows to Saint Lawrence.


Analysis of the Second Half

After halftime, there was more offense when there were 2 goals within the first five minutes of the second half. However, this did not linger as St. Lawrence was able to defend more and more throughout the second half.  At the 55th minute of the game, Cortland had a corner kick and St. Lawrence player #6 (Jethro Dede) played the ball and got a yellow. Then in the 77th minute, St. Lawrence was without one person and would be for the next two matches as it was a direct red card, Cortland did not take advantage of it.

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