Somebody Needs To Get Fitzy Up Out The Paint

I can’t even enjoy the Jets winning for a whole hour before I have to deal with this BS?

Listen here, guy. Getting benched because you’re out here stinking up the whole Jets franchise mainly because of your play doesn’t mean “nobody believes in you.” Actually, it might. In what profession or any walk of life do you get to keep your job when you are BY FAR the worst at what you do? Ryan Fitzpatrick is literally the only person on the face of this planet who believes that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the one to get the job done.

He also might be the least self aware human being I’ve ever encountered. Do you want to know why nobody believes in you Ryan? Do you really want to know why? Maybe it’s the fact that you have 11 interceptions and have not thrown a second half touchdown pass since Week 1. Maybe it’s the fact that teams have to do little to no game planning against you because you lock on to Brandon Marshall when you need a play and disregard that there are other wide open receivers on the field. Do I need to continue?

You waited out and basically held the Jets hostage for $12 million when you had an anomaly of a season and haven’t made the playoffs in your entire career. Shame on my team for caving but even you couldn’t have thought you would even touch the numbers you put up last year. So yeah, maybe nobody does believe in you because YOU STINK. The numbers back it up, the eye test backs it up and your entire career backs it up. Go be miserable somewhere far away from my foolish football team who decided to invest in you. I want to enjoy these few wins I’m going to get and I don’t want your pity party to bring me down.

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