Sports Management Banquet Recap

On April 27th, 2019 the Sports Management department held a ceremony for the faculty and students from the major. Everyone who major’s or minor’s in Sport Management was invited to attend. There was a handful of people who were receiving awards, and they were asked to bring loved ones along with them.

The night commenced at 5:00pm where there was an assortment of food and drinks for people to eat and mingle around. This first half an hour of the ceremony was perfect to introduce yourself to the keynote speaker, Michael Huyghue.

At 5:30 everyone was asked to take a seat in the front so we could watch a short clip that explained each of our classes with scenes from The Office. If you didn’t get the chance to see it, I suggest you find Dr. Vooris and ask him to watch it, you won’t regret it.


When Michael Huyghue was speaking, he had great advice to give. Four main things that I got out of his speech was to be positive, be disruptive, have courage, and disregard conventional wisdom. These main points are what he used to get himself in the position he has today. His experience and advise consumed the audience and I think everyone was grateful for the time he took to speak to us. The students were especially excited when he said you don’t always have to listen to your parents!

After Mr. Huyghue was finished speaking, the awards were handed out to select students for multiple different accomplishments. Professors said nice things about their students and award after award was handed out.
To end the night, another video was played called “mean tweets” where professors were given mean tweets for them to read out loud. Again, if you did not get the chance to see this video, see Dr. Vooris for some entertainment.

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