Taylor Swift Dropped A New Song Last Night And IDK How To Feel

(Photo courtesy of the Telegraph)

If you’re living under a rock or just a degenerate, you might have missed Taylor Swift dropping a new song at midnight. She deleted all of her Instagram posts and tweets to hype the hell out of this thing with snake videos symbolizing us Kanye West fans who were dropping snake emojis left and right on her after the KimYe/ Taylor phone call incident

I’m going to start off with she is great at marketing. Who else is making a career off of breakups that lead to absolute bangers of albums? She knows how to turn every bad thing into good and good into money. She went from country pop to strictly pop and didn’t miss a beat. Now she releases this R&B/ Hip Hop type song to head into yet another direction with her music.

I don’t know how to feel about this. I don’t know how to feel about Taylor Swift. There was a point in my life where I avoided her like the plague after the whole Kanye VMA incident because I was a tried and true Kanye guy. But how could a man of my stature avoid the banger after banger that good ole Taylor was supplying us with? As of Red I was firmly on board. Then 1989 came out and it was AWFUL. I was questioning how Taylor could do this to me. TO US.

When I saw her rollout for this album I got a little tingly feeling in my stomach. Maybe she was back on the right track. Never mind the snake being about us Kanye fans (for clarity I never once posted a snake emoji on her posts) but she was back and ready to dominate VMA weekend. Now that we have the song, I’m not quite sure what my mind and body feel. 

On one hand, it’s new Taylor Swift and I’m going to be playing the hell out of it whether it’s good or not. She makes catchy songs. I CAN’T HELP MYSELF. On the other hand this is just not very good. She’s trying to get into the hip hop/ R&B game but when you’re diss is “I don’t like you”, it holds as much as merit as saying “yeah well you’re ugly”. It just doesn’t work. I need more flair. I need more fire. I need more anger. I want her to step in that booth with the power of 10,000 rappers ready to rip the beat to shreds. What I don’t want is a half assed attempt at being that, which is exactly what we got.

I’m still going to play this more than any other song this week or month. I’m still going to be very excited for this album. I’m still counting down the minutes until she shuts down the VMAs with this video. I’m still going to go with my gut and say she releases this knowing that it’s not the best but she’s doing it to keep us on our toes for an absolute HEATER for her next single. 

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