The Bachelor: Episode 4

I have some thoughts on last nights episode of The Bachelor. For starters, I didn’t think I could like Corinne anymore than I did in the first three episodes but her performance in last nights episodes was stellar. The bounce house scene? Love it. She knows that this is a competition while the other girls here still think this is about falling in love. News flash ladies, this is a game. You don’t fall in love with someone in three episodes. It’s science. Look it up in a book. 

Back to Corinne. I draw some parallels between her and Chad from last seasons episode of The Bachelorette. Both of them realize just how idiotic one must be to think you will actually find love on a TV show on a national network. They treat this both like the competition that is and I love that move. Both also rub everyone in the house the wrong way and while Chad got wrongfully outed early on, Corinne is raising hell and sticking around. I have a bad feeling she’s going to make it to the episode before hometown dates and then Nick drops the hammer on her, essentially ending me watching the show.

Danielle L. is out here right now. Nicks ex just happening to be in the coffee shop while Nick happened to be on a one on one while the cameras just happened to be rolling. No chance that was a plant. I didn’t like Nick to start the show but this episode really put him out there as a borderline psycho. Him telling Danielle basically everything he’s done with girl at the park and then just deciding hey lets go on a date was a wild, wild move. Danielle L. held her own though, can’t knock that. Best move by her was going full Corinne and stealing Nick for herself just after the cocktail party began. Don’t like it, love it.

The last date with Raven might’ve been the most awkward date I’ve ever seen. I haven’t gone on many dates before so I can’t attest to what’s not acceptable to say but I have been in many awkward situations and this definitely takes the cake. Nick asking Raven to go into full detail (and I mean FULL detail) about when Raven walked in on her ex cheating on her left my jaw on the floor. Hey Nick, don’t be a weirdo. She got cheated on that’s all you need to know. 

P.S.-I don’t like Raven. I don’t know why she’s still here. Cut the dead weight Nick.

P.P.S.- Kristina is a dark horse. I call her the silent assassin. Put your couch money on her. 

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