The Boston Celtics Will be Just Fine

We have all seen it by now. That gruesome injury that most likely ended Gordon Hayward’s season. if you haven’t seen it, I wouldn’t recommend looking it up. Let’s just say that his foot was pointed to the left of where it should be.  Just watching that play and seeing the injury drained the life out of me. I turned the game off after watching that play. I was depressed; it felt like the season was just taken away before it really got started.

I was checking the score periodically on my phone, only to turn the game back on with five minutes left. They ended up losing a close one, but they lost more than just one game.

After watching the next five games I have convinced myself that everything is going to be okay. They have won four in a row, and have looked impressive in each outing. They have shown, in this small sample, that they are still good without Gordon Hayward. Thinking about the team, players, coaches, and the conference they play in made me feel better about the season.

Brad Stevens is a genius

The number one reason the Celtics will be okay is because of their head coach Brad Stevens. The man is a basketball genius. He has proven during his five years that he is one of the top coaches in the league. He constantly gets the most out of every player he coaches. He has done the most with the least amount of talent.

Now Stevens will have to fill the void left by Hayward. He has to change his game plan to fit the team without Hayward. Gordon was going to be a big part of the team, but now it is up to Brad to find a way to fill his role.

Believe in Danny Ainge

Danny Ainge is one of the top execs in the league. Never has he failed the Celtics. He is the mastermind behind the team creating a vision for the franchise and executing it with precise moves. He has done a great job of setting the team up for now and future success. That is why we believe in Danny Ainge.

Ainge’s next move is to find a way to fill in the loss of Gordon Hayward. He is going to do his homework, look at all the players out there and find the best deal. That could be a trade, signing a free agent, or maybe even doing nothing. If Ainge believes a move won’t help the Celtics now and in the future then he won’t do it. But he will wait for that one deal to show up that he feels will help the team get over the injury.

Talented Roster

The Boston Celtics have one of the youngest most talented rosters in the league. They still boast two All-Stars and a great supporting cast. With Al Horford and Kyrie Irving leading the charge and the likes of Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, and Marcus Morris backing them up.

With such a talented roster, someone is going to have to step up in the wake of the Hayward injury. So far this season, that person has been Jaylen Brown. He has shown great improvements during the early part of the season. He started out the season by scoring a career-high 25 points against the Cavaliers. He followed that up with 18, 9, 23, and 9 in his next four outings. He is going to be an integral part of the team’s success going forward.

Along with Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum has shown that he is ready to be a productive part of the team. The rookie wise beyond his rookie experience. After the Hayward injury, he was pushed into a more prominent role. He went from coming off the bench to starting in the following contests. He has shown that he is ready for his new role, by averaging 14.8 points with a career-high of 22 against the Knicks. He looks comfortable and confident playing alongside Kyrie and Al Horford.

This team is going to grow together, and improve every game. They will show that they are a great team even without Hayward. With all this talent on one roster, the Celtics will be okay.

Eastern Conference

The east is the lesser of the two conferences. The east is run by the Cleveland Cavaliers, followed by the Washington Wizards, Milwaukie Bucks, and Toronto Raptors. That leaves four teams to fight for the final four playoff spots. So why not the Celtics? They still have a talented roster and a great coach. They are better than teams like the Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets, Detroit Pistons, and Indiana Pacers. Then there are the rebuilding teams which include the Bulls, Hawks, and Sixers. And there are teams that can’t get out of their own ways like the New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, and Brooklyn Nets. The Celtics will win games, be competitive and will end up in the playoffs at the end of the season.

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