The Curious Case of Nick Foles

One of the many million dollar questions of the offseason involves backup, to stardom, to Super Bowl MVP – Nick Foles. After beating the Patriots in SB LII, Foles is a hot name in sports right now for his elite play over the late 2017 season. He also provides a potential dilemma for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback situation.

The old saying, “if you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have one,” doesn’t apply to the Philadelphia Eagles in this case. In case you have forgotten, Wentz was initially put out of commission because of this injury suffered at the hands of Rams hybrid linebacker Mark Barron. The resulting injury caused the Eagles to place Carson Wentz on season-ending injured reserve with a torn ACL, hindering the chances of a Super Bowl run as well as Wentz’s chance for an MVP trophy.

We all know what happened after, although we weren’t sure we actually witnessed Nick Foles out-dueling QBs in the playoffs including previous league MVPs in Matt Ryan and Tom Brady. With all of that being said we must ask the Philadelphia Eagles, do they keep Foles has a backup to Carson Wentz? Do they start him over Carson Wentz? Or do the Eagles trade Foles with his stock at an all-time high before it crashes like Bitcoin?

The answer all comes down to the market at the quarterback position, along with the amount teams are willing to offer for Foles.

Some teams have already committed to their field manager, like the Redskins and 49ers. The Chiefs recently traded longtime veteran Alex Smith to Washington and signed him to a wealthy extension. Even more than wealthy was Jimmy Garoppolo’s new 5-year $137.5 million dollar contract with the San Francisco 49ers after being traded and playing above expectations. Blake Bortles also seems to be safe in Jacksonville per a report from Bleacher Report.

Now other teams may look towards the Vikings trio of free agent quarterbacks, Tyrod Taylor, Kirk Cousins, or one of the top prospects like Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield. Someone, or some team rather, is going to be calling the Eagles. They should be passive when going forward with trades and listen to any offer that doesn’t include a division rival or Carson Wentz.

The Eagles know that Wentz is their franchise, they traded a king’s ransom to get him in 2016. He was an MVP candidate before his gruesome knee injury and the Eagles would be foolish if they were to roll the dice on Foles over Wentz. That doesn’t mean they have to trade Foles this offseason.

According to SB Nation’s Philadelphia Eagles community, Bleeding Green Nation, Wentz and the Eagles are confident that the former No. 2 overall pick will be able to start by Week 1 of the 2018 season. While that is good news to hear if you’re an Eagles fan, it’s nothing more than blind optimism only a little over a month after the surgery to Wentz’s torn ACL. Timetables for an ACL recovery can last anywhere from 6-12 months making it hard to say exactly when he’ll be ready to play.

So why not keep Foles? It’s the Eagles safe bet going into next season just in case Wentz isn’t ready or suffers a setback. Of course, they should keep their phones open for trades and wait for that “way-too-difficult-to-pass-up-on offer.” But it would not be wise to trade him early in the offseason without seeing actual progress from Carson Wentz. The Eagles should not accept anything worse than a second round pick for Foles and should even try to flip him for a first if they can.

If Wentz comes back around Week 4 or 5 of the 2018 season, teams may even be higher on Nick Foles if he performs well to start the season. His stock could still go up but the Eagles still should handle this situation passively.

Trade Foles for the right price. Do not trade him for the sake of trading him as he still provides value as the top backup in the NFL.

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