The End Of The Decade Football Awards

With the end of the decade fast approaching its time we all took a look back at the decade that was and hand out awards for outstanding accomplishments in mens football.



Let’s be honest this accolade could go to one man and one man only the G.O.A.T Lionel Messi. Messi has been undoubtedly for me the best player of the 2010s boasting a staggering six Ballon d’Or’s and 500 goals to his name.

Messi shows his ability in every match he’s apart of and can change any game in literally seconds. The Barcelona man has amassed five golden shoes and even scored 91 goals in one calendar year.

Messi is one of the best players the game of football has ever seen and we may never see someone of his ability in the game again.


This category was very hard to judge because in the past ten years there have been some absolute screamers scored in hundreds of leagues around the world. So while I will be picking a winner here there were a lot of close seconds. To me, there is one clear winner, however, and this award has to go to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s thirty-yard bicycle kick vs. England in 2012.

The master of scoring stunning goals banged this one in a 2012  international match between England and Switzerland.  This goal perfectly encapsulates Zlatan’s ability to pull out a high tier goal at any moment and turn the tides of games. This goal is a thing of absolute beauty and honestly just needs to be watched and appreciated.


Like the Goal of the decade this category was near impossible to judge because this decade has produced some of the most jaw-dropping moments in football history. Whether that be the Barcelonas Champions League comeback or Leicester surprise win of the Premier League in 2016. However, the moment that always gets me is Sergio Aguero’s extra-time winner, over QPR to secure the 2012 Premier League title. No matter what team in the world you support this moment will give you chills. With the accompaniment of one of Martin Tyler’s greatest commentaries, this moment stands out in my head. It also doesn’t hurt that this moment meant Sir Alex Ferguson and his Manchester sides hopes of another title were dashed either.



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