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Hello my name is Matthew Destasio i had choose to talk about Fornite and its Battle Royal a game that has not only taken years off my life but years off most people around the globe. As this game has grown to over to over 45.1 million subscribers to the game. I then talk about what the game is all about. Flying in and dropping in an of the 30 locations on the map, trying to Image result for fortnite mapsurvive and be the last one standing out of 100 other players. As you run from a storm as it brings you closer and closer to players as you run. I then talk about the guns you can get along with a few guns i like (Scar, Heavy shotgun ect.), to then speaking on what they do when you shoot other players. Last

Image result for desert eagle fortnite

but not least i wanted to show why this game has risen in popularity over just a few months

I state that a gamer named Ninja as not only brought a rise on Twitch (online streaming) but is the reason this game is where it is today and why. To then saying how it has taken over some of the sports world too showing there not only athletes but normal video gamer’s like me and you.

Ninja after a win



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