The Girls Room

Brittany Tuozzo, Brianna DeMeo, and Delaney Smith joined together to discuss Sport Management and their experiences in the major. They all share what their prior majors were and their reasons behind why they decided to switch into Sport Management (00:26). After that the girls touch upon what their dream jobs would be and what they will do to achieve those (2:00). They lead into discussing experiences they have had in the Sport Management Department. This included the girls speaking about the Sport Management Program, such as the TCS New York City Marathon (4:30) and the New York Jets game (4:54). They touch upon their dream jobs again (5:00). Brianna and Delaney shared their internships for this summer (6:28). Afterwards they give us a quick look into what they have learned (6:50) from all of this. Then they talk about what is like being girls in a male dominated major (7:20). Next, they share what classes they feel were the most beneficial (11:45) and their experiences with the professors in the program (13:20). Finally, they end off with advice they have learned (14:30) and a quick recap of what the Sport Management Major entails (15:07).


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