The Knicks Need Bledsoe

Earlier this week things abruptly changed for the Phoenix Suns, the front office fired their Head Coach Earl Watson and named Jay Triano the interim coach. This all happened a few hours after veteran point guard Eric Bledsoe sent out a tweet saying “I Don’t wanna be here.”This tweet was believed to possibly be the reason for the dismissal of Earl Watson, but we later found out that the Suns are going to be moving Bledsoe as soon as possible. The team has reportedly been trying to move Bledsoe for months now and that tweet was the last straw.

The teams GM, Ryan McDonagh sent home Bledsoe after his tweet and claimed he was unlikely to play for the Suns again. The Suns have been talking to any team and every team that may be in need of a point guard.

One of the teams that the Suns have been in talks with is not surprising in the slightest, it is the team with the worst overall point guards in the league… the New York Knicks. This team has made some huge changes over the past few months: They have fired their President of Team Operations, drafted an unknown commodity with their first-round pick, and they traded their star player, Carmelo Anthony.

This Knicks team is now clearly Kristaps Porzingis’ team, but he is all but by himself. The next best player they have is a struggling Tim Hardaway junior, who is very talented, but not someone who can be the second option on a good team. The Knicks point guards are journeymen Ramon Sessions and Jarret Jack, Ron Baker, and first-round draft pick, Frank Ntilikina.

Now I am not saying that the Knicks are a good team, or even would be a good team with Eric Bledsoe, but they need to bring in somebody to compliment Porzingis to help him become the star he has the potential to be. Bledsoe is a great player for the Knicks to bring in because he is a pure all-around player.

Since he was traded Phoenix in 2013 he has proven just how good he is. He has averaged 18.8 points per game, 1.5 steals per game, 6 assists, and 5 boards a game. He has had an injury-plagued past, but as those numbers show, he is well above average and could immediately be the second best player on the Knicks.

The only reason why this deal, although perfect for the Knicks most likely won’t come to fruition is the Suns asking price. The Suns, like the Knicks, are a team that is rebuilding, so they want young players with significant talent in return for their top tier point guard.

Although the Knicks have a few young talented players they need to keep them. Eric Bledsoe is a guy that the Knicks would want to help the young players that they have to grow, with Porzingis.

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The Suns reportedly asked for Frank Ntilikina and Willy Hernagomez, the two players that have the most potential on the Knicks roster, so obviously they cannot make that trade. A deal the Knicks reportedly offered, which I think is a fair deal; Enes Kanter, and a second-round draft pick in return for Bledsoe.

Bledsoe is better than Kanter, but the Suns could use an offensive big man, which is exactly what Kanter is. If I am the Knicks, I would add another second round pick and Ramon Sessions to their offer and leave it at that. The Knicks are not an organization known for developing second round talent, so they wouldn’t be losing much.

Will the Suns think that deal is worth getting an insubordinate player off their hands? I don’t know, and probably not, but there is not much else the Knicks can afford to give up to get a player that might end up being a year and a half rental.

The Knicks need Bledsoe in order to help progress some of their young talent, but they don’t need him if they are going to give up their young talent.

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