The Mets Lose In The Most Mets Way Possible

I am not a fan of the one game Wild Card playoff that the MLB now uses. I wasn’t a fan before the Mets lost and I’m not a fan after the Mets lost. Congrats, you made the playoffs! But not actually because you play one game that you have to treat like a Game 7 and screw up the rest of your playoff run.

I had absolutely zero confidence the Mets would win this game. From the time the first pitch was thrown to the time they lost, not one single bit of confidence was in my body. We had a pitching duel for the ages with Thor and Bumgarner being essentially flawless. Thor was overpowering the Giants hitters making them look silly swinging and missing at everything. Bumgarner was playoff Bumgarner and could’ve pitched a 13 inning shutout if the Giants asked him to.

This was a picture perfect Mets loss. They kept it close the whole game, Addison Reed got out of a jam in the 8th, the Grandy man gave us one of the best catches I’ve ever seen and yet not one ounce of me had any belief that they would win. That was all before the 9th inning.

Familia comes in, a three run homer goes out and goodbye 2016! I love this team but I hate this team. The moment that home run left the park I should have just went to bed. Scoring three runs in one inning is laughable with this Mets lineup. They had a hell of a run this year with all of the injuries, I will give them that. If you told me in August they would be in the playoffs come October I would have asked what drugs you were on and who you got them from because that’s the only way I could’ve believed that. So thank you, 2016 Mets for one hell of a ride. I knew you weren’t going to win against the Giants and I didn’t even know half of your players were actually in the organization. Let’s get healthy for next year and dominate with our pitching just like we thought would happen this year.


PS: Yo is most likely gone this year so that means we will have no hitters next year. Can’t wait for all of the 2-1, grind it out wins next season!

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