The MLB Playoffs Are Officially Set

Game 161 of the MLB season usually doesn’t have as many playoff implications as it did this year, but the fact that it did only summed up what we already knew about this season – it’s been exhilarating.

To start everything off, the Boston Red Sox took on the Houston Astros, knowing that with just one win, they would officially clinch the AL East division title for the second year in a row, something that has never been done in the franchise history (crazy, right?). Not only did this game have importance for the Red Sox, but it also had importance for the Astros, who would still be in contention for the best record in the American League with a win. Following a Yankees win over Toronto 2-1, the Red Sox had to have felt some pressure, but not enough to stop them from capturing the coveted AL East title, as they defeated the Astros by a final of 6-3. This game officially cemented the American League playoff, which starts on Tuesday. Here’s how the playoff picture looks for the American League:

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

1) Cleveland Indians (102-60)

2) Houston Astros (101-61)

3) Boston Red Sox (93-69)

WC1) New York Yankees (91-71)

WC2) Minnesota Twins (85-77)

As previously stated, games kick off on Tuesday, when the Yankees host the Twins in the Wild Card Game. The winner of that game will go on to face the Cleveland Indians for a 5-game set, starting Thursday in Cleveland.

But what about the National League, you may be asking yourself. Well, game 161 certainly had some implications for the National League playoff picture as well. With a slim chance of securing the second Wild Card spot, the Milwaukee Brewers took on the St. Louis Cardinals, hoping that they could just keep their season alive. In a classic Milwaukee Brewers fashion, the Brew-Crew broke the hearts of millions of fans, losing to the Cardinals 7-6, officially ending their 2017 playoff push. This loss also guaranteed the Colorado Rockies the second Wild Card spot, which was the only spot left open in the National League playoff picture. Here’s exactly where teams lay in the National League playoff picture:

(Photo by: 2017 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images)

1) Los Angeles Dodgers (104-58)

2) Washington Nationals (97-65)

3) Chicago Cubs (92-70)

WC1) Arizona Diamondbacks (93-69)

WC2) Colorado Rockies (87-75)

National League games kick off on Wednesday, when the Rockies visit the Diamondbacks in Arizona to compete for the lone Wild Card spot. The winner of that game will go on to face the Los Angeles Dodgers, who sport the best record in baseball, on Friday. You can see the full first round schedule here.

Who ya got?! I’ll personally be rooting for the Aaron Judge, aka the Biggest Baseball Boy, and the New York Yankees.

Nonetheless, I’m expecting one of the best playoffs in recent MLB history. Should be fun to watch.


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