The MLB trade deadline has passed… but not really

Major League Baseball’s trade deadline just passed on July 31st.  There were plenty of big names that got moved at the deadline including Yu Darvish, Sonny Gray, and Jose Qunitana.  Not many everyday players were traded this season but theres still time for trades.

August is the time of the waiver trades in baseball.  The waiver trade is something that confuses baseball fans every single season.  The deadline has passed so why can teams can still make trades?

Teams can place any player they want on the waiver wire but in August they are allowed to revoke the waiver.  A player that gets placed on the waiver wire can be claimed by a different team.  Teams with the worst records have first dibs on the players on the waiver wire.  If a team claims the player the two teams can try to workout a trade for the next 48 hours.

If a player was placed on the waiver wire before August it can not be revoked.  That player will either be claimed by a different team or clear waivers and go to the minor leagues.  But the team must move the player once it is claimed by a different team, there is no revoking it.

Not many big trades are made during this time but the last one came in 2012.  The Red Sox traded Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, and Josh Beckett to the Dodgers in a nine player trade.  This trade was one of the biggest trades to happen in August and nothing recently has come close.

On August 6th the Athletics traded Yonder Alonso to the Seattle Mariners for a minor league OF Boog Powell.  The Mariners claimed Alonso off of the waivers list and the teams were able to complete a deal within the 48 hour window.

Don’t be surprised to see more trades this August.  Jay Bruce hasn’t played in two games and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is because the Mets are trying to trade him.  They did place him on waivers but almost every player gets placed on waivers during this time.

Another trade to look out for is Justin Verlander.  He was expected to be traded before the deadline passed, but the Tigers could not make out a deal.  A number of contenders need starting pitching and Verlander should be able to help for a pretty low price.

I know a lot of people get frustrated when a team places a player on waivers.  So if your team puts any player on the waiver wire don’t be alarmed.  They are just testing the waters but usually won’t trade the player.  Just do what I do and sit back and read the tweets of all the people flipping out about their teams placing a player on waivers.



Wow what a crazy August that was.  There were plenty of waiver trades and plenty of big name players being moved.  Some teams finally decided to sell while other teams decided to go for it all.  Both Jay Bruce and Justin Verlander were traded, Bruce to the Indians and Verlander to the Astros.  Some other big trades include:

  • Curtis Granderson to the Dodgers
  • Tyler Clippard to the Astros
  • Lucas Duda to the Rays
  • Yonder Alonso to the Mariners
  • Brandon Phillips to the Angles
  • Justin Upton to the Angels

The big winners of August are the Angels, they are currently in the second wildcard spot.  The Angels desperately needed a Second Basemen and Brandon Phillips has always been one of the best in baseball.  Phillips and Andrleton Simmons up the middle could be the best defensive pair in the league.  Justin Upton adds another power bat to the Angels already scary offensive lineup.


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