The More I Watch Robert Williams The More I Love Him

I haven’t been a Celtics fan for long (more on that at the end) but I have fully bought into the Robert Williams pick. Lottery talent who can protect the rim and actually rebound? Sign me right the hell up. He’s exactly what the Celtics need. He’s a rim running big who jumps like he’s on a trampoline. The pick and roll with him and Kyrie is going to cause me to have buy a bunch of new shorts. When he blocks shots, he doesn’t just give it a nice swat he spikes the basketball into the center of the Earth never to be seen again.

So more on me becoming a Celtics fan. I put it this way to my pals who were wondering what happened. The Raptors were a girlfriend who was fun at first but then became boring. The same things you liked when you first dated, you ended up hating with a passion. The Celtics were my mistress. I was hanging out with them more and genuinely enjoyed it. I follow a ton of guys from weird Celtics Twitter and it’s a blast. I understood more of the jokes than I did from Raptors Twitter, which is awful.

I also realized I liked Celtics players way more than I did Raptors players.

Kyrie: Duke alum and I can’t not like him.

Marcus Smart (Smarf): Has been one of my favorite players since he almost knocked that Texas Tech fans head clean off his shoulders. Leader of combat muscles and grit.

Jaylen Brown (Juice): I fell in love with him pre draft and haven’t stopped.

Terry Rozier (Scary Terry): Isn’t afraid of anything and would murder me if I didn’t like him.

Jayson Tatum: My baby boy.

Marcus Morris (Mook, Flask Dad): See Rozier, Terry.

Semi Ojeleye (Ojeleye Factory): One of the burliest boys. Also played at Duke.

Guerschon Yabusele (Yabu): Part two of the burliest boys. Also, have you seen the wagon on him?

Al Horford (Papa Sportif): Dad.

I love weird Celtics Twitter and it’s fun and I deserve to have fun. When I realized I loved Celtics players more than Raptors players, I couldn’t do it anymore. I broke their hearts and I don’t care.

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Greg Armstrong


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