The NBA should be taking a look at Binghamton basketball star Sam Sessoms.

Binghamton star point guard Sam Sessoms is the real deal and scouts should start paying attention immediately!

Basketball started for Sam Sessoms in Philadelphia where he was born and raised. Philadelphia has been known for its excellent sports leagues and for producing great basketball players such as Wilt Chamberlin and Kobe Bryant. Though growing up in the tough streets of Philadelphia is not always the easiest and Sam learned at a young age that he was going to have to mature quicker than other children.

“Growing up in Philadelphia was good for me,” Sessoms said. “I have been through tough times living there, and I have seen a lot of bad things. Mentally I had to mature a lot faster and act older. But besides that, all I did was play sports and hang out with friends. Philadelphia has great basketball leagues and other sports leagues so I was always active.”

At an early age in Philadelphia, Sam Sessoms realized he had real talent and needed to go to a high school that would further his career in basketball. So he decided to go to a high school basketball powerhouse in Pennsylvania named Shipley.

“I chose Shipley because the school was one of the best in PA,” Sessoms said. Also, I knew that I was going to come and be able to contribute right away and hopefully help change the culture of the basketball program.”

While at Shipley Sessoms set a school record with 2,091 career points and was nominated to the McDonalds All-American game. Despite all of Sam Sessoms achievements, it took a while for a school to offer him a scholarship that was until Binghamton came calling. Other colleges were talking to Sam, but Binghamton was the first to offer him a scholarship. Sam didn’t just choose Binghamton because they had offered him a scholarship he chose Binghamton because it was a good school and he was a fan of the coaching staff.

“I was talking to at least 20 schools coming out of high school, but Binghamton was the first school to offer me,” Sessoms said. Binghamton, much like Shipley was a really good school which made my decision easy. Coach Dempsey and the coaching staff were the first ones to believe in me, and that was enough. They gave me an opportunity to come in and play, and I took it.”

At Binghamton, Sam Sessoms has goals to turn the basketball program around. Sam hopes to win the America East tournament which has not been done since the 2009 Binghamton basketball team and then move on to the NCAA tournament after Binghamton Sessoms hopes to have a lengthy injury-free professional career.

“My goals at Binghamton is to help get the team to the NCAA tournament and win the AE tournament,” Sessoms said. I want to help the team win and do whatever I need to do for the team. After Binghamton, I want to play professionally and have a long injury-free career.

Sam is now a Freshman at Binghamton and is lighting it up. Sam Sessoms has had multiple 20 point games so far including a 27 point game against Notre Dame. Sessoms is putting up big numbers against some of the top talents in division 1 basketball. Sam is also sixth on the points per game list for division 1 freshman.

Though some scouts may argue that Sam isn’t playing at the same level as his former opponent from Westtown high school Cam Reddish, Cam Reddish is one of the Duke freshman stars, and Sam Sessoms believes he can compete at the same level.

“I do believe I can play at that same level and I do know that my role would be completely different if I were at that level,” Sessoms said. “I think I would be able to adapt fast and do whatever is needed from me. I will adjust.”

Scouts might even look at his height as a problem considering he’s only 6 foot, but to Sam Sessoms, he looks at his stature as an advantage.

“My height has never been a problem, I have always found a way to overcome it and used it as an advantage more times than none,” Sessoms said. Also, at a young age, all my trainers and I would practice drills as if I was being guarded by bigger dudes so by the time it came to play against bigger dudes it was easy.”

What scouts might miss about Sessoms is he’s an even better person off the court. Sam Sessoms wants to make an impact in society outside of basketball. Sam wants to be able to coach and give inner-city kids an escape from all the trouble in the world.

“Off the court, I would like to coach basketball teams with inner-city kids that come from broken homes or are having a hard time in their life,” Sessoms said. “I would want to help kids use basketball as their escape in life and not use drugs and violence as their escape.”

The crazy part about Sam Sessoms is he’s just getting started with three years left to prove to scouts he deserves to make it to the NBA. If Sam Sessoms can get it done on and off the court like he is now, there is no doubt the NBA will be a home for him.

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