The New York Yankees Win The Giancarlo Stanton Sweepstakes

Jeets is still at it! The NL MVP is now a New York Yankee. The Yanks are back to being the most hate-able team in all of sports, and I love it. The trade went down like this; Marlins receive Starlin Castro, RHP Jorge Guzman, and infielder Jose Devers, and in exchange, the Yanks get GIANCARLO STANTON. No top prospects were given up, no Gleyber Torres, no Clint Frazier, no Justice Sheffield, and no Chance Adams.

Now, lets talk about the fact that Giancarlo Stanton is actually going to be wearing Pinstripes in this upcoming season. When the news first broke that the Marlins were looking to move Stanton, I thought that him coming to the Bronx was just a pipe dream. At first it looked that way, as he initially ruled the Yanks out of contention. I was sure Giancarlo was going to end up in either San Francisco or St. Louis, but out of seemingly nowhere Stanton said he would not waive his no trade clause to go to either one of those teams. That is when shit got real. The Yankees were a part of a 4-team list that Stanton would go to. And Brian Cashman did what Brian Cashman does; MAKE MOVES. Cashman took advantage of the situation at hand, the Marlins were dead set on dealing Stanton, so he struck up a deal that would benefit both parties, while holding onto the Yankees top prospects.

  1. Brett Garnder-LF
  2. Aaron Judge-RF
  3. Giancarlo Stanton-DH
  4. Greg Bird-1B
  5. Gary Sanchez-C
  6. Didi Gregorius-SS
  7. Aaron Hicks-CF
  8. Ronald Torreyes-2B
  9. Chase Headley-3B


That is a taste of what the New York Yankees will look like in 2018. They truly are the Bronx Bombers. Stanton and Judge are fully capable of both hitting 50 homeruns each, Bird and Sanchez can both hit 30+, while Gardner and Didi can also both get the Yanks 20+ homeruns. This is not even mentioning their young players that could possibly come up and replace people like Toe and Headley. Gleyber Torres is the biggest and most exciting of them all, if he can come up, live up to his potential, and replace Chase Headley, that makes this team much better. If I were Aaron Boone, I’d give Tyler Wade a shot to get significant playing time at second base, because we already know what we are getting out of Ronald Torreyes, so why not give someone with more upside a chance to earn a starting role on this team. This trade has given the Yankees an outfield that contains 6 players that could start for teams around the league. This luxury gives the Yankees the opportunity to DH Stanton a majority of the time, as Giancarlo has been prone to injury in the past. They have the 4 starters; Stanton, Judge, Gardner, and Hicks, then they have Clint Frazier and Jacoby Ellsbury off the bench. There have been reports that the Yankees have been in contact with teams about dealing away Clint Frazier, which I am not opposed to. Clint Frazier may end up being a good player, but on this current team there is just no room for him to have a prominent role, so why not try to get and infielder or pitcher in return for Frazier?

The bottom line is that the Yanks have landed the biggest deal of this offseason. The Yankees will be one of, if not the most exciting teams to watch in all of baseball, love us or hate us that is just an undeniable fact. Can we just fast forward to spring training already? I’m ready to start spreading the news.

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