The Pod Of Gold Ep. 7

Tom O’Sullivan and Matt Krajnyk discuss March Madness and who they are picking to win their sweet 16 matchups. They also speak about the Mets workout in Syracuse, Conor McGregor’s retirement and much more.


(00:10)-(4:10): Mets Syracuse workout, (4:10)-(19:40): Sweet 16 predictions, (19:40)-(21:12) Conor McGregor, (21:12)-(22:40) Gronk’s retirement, (22:40)-(23:58): Lakers news, (23:58)-(24:45): NASCAR, (24:45)-(26:15): Kyler Murray, (26:15)-(27:00): Nurkic leg injury, (27:00)-(29:15): NHL news, (29:15)-(29:50): WWE, (29:50): Ichiro’s retirement.

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