The Pod Of Gold Ep. 8

Tom O’Sullivan and Matt Krajnyk disuss much of what’s going on in the sports world such as sweet 16 prediction outcomes, MLB news, NHL news, NBA news and much more.

(00:15)-(6:10): Sweet 16 prediction outcomes, (6:10)-(12:40): Tom’s trash talk segment, (12:40)-(14:15): Conor McGregor news, (14:15)-(18:00): Yankees news, (18:00)-(18:55): Bryce Harper, (18:55)-(24:15): Mets news, (24:15)-(26:20): Syracuse Mets, (26:20)-(29:00): Porzingis allegations, (29:00)-(36:15): NHL Playoffs, (36:15)-(38:00): Steph Curry/Warriors, (38:00)-(39:30): Giannis vs Embid, (39:30)-(42:15): NBA award predictions, (42:15): Ichiro.

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