The Referee In Last Night’s Monday Night Football Game Undoubtedly Had The Over

Gambling on sports is a lot of fun. There is truly not a more fun way to lose money in the whole world, but when you hit a bet, it may be the best feeling in the entire world. I feel bad for professional athletes and officials since they are not allowed to gamble on sports. Well, at least legally.

The over/under line for last night’s game an even 43 points between both teams. The whole game was not close, Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions came into Lambeau Field and put a beatdown on an Aaron Rodger-less Green Bay Packers. The Lions put up what should have been enough points to hit the over with help from the home team, Packers. Except Brett Hundley is very bad, and it doesn’t help that his coaching staff doesn’t trust him as far as they could throw him, or as far as he can throw a football. Through Hundley’s first 18 passes, 13 of them were 5 yards or fewer down the field, and 8 of them were at or behind the line of scrimmage. YIKES. Those are like peewee football stats when an 8-year-old kid literally can’t throw the ball more than 5 yards, but no, those are the numbers of a starting NFL Quarterback in a primetime game. Those stats are most definitely not good for the over, and degenerate gamblers everywhere were shaking in their boots, and I do mean everywhere (Maybe even on the field?).

The score after the 2-minute warning was 30-10 Lions, and the Packers will get the ball back and perhaps score and hit the over. Brett Hundley and the Packers drive down the field and have a redzone opportunity to score another touchdown as time expires. Hundley takes a shot at the endzone aaaannnnndddd it was incomplete. Damn. But wait, there was a flag on the play, defensive pass interference, thus giving the Packers one more play from the one-yard line with no time left on the clock. The over hangs in the balance, and the Packers score a touchdown, the over hits!! But once we think about this call, it makes no sense. Why would the ref make this meaningless call? Even if the Packers did score, the Lions win regardless. Hmmmmm. I’ll tell you exactly why this call was made, it was because this sneaky S.O.B of a ref had the over, and he needed it to hit. If it wasn’t for me, it would’ve been a flawless execution, but I see right through your charade of “making the right call”, you just wanted some money in your pocket. I can’t hate that move from the referee, because I would most definitely do the same thing, I just hope he bought the first round of drinks after the game at least. The one thing we can all learn from this is; Vegas Always Knows.

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