The U is BACK

The University of Miami is BACK. Is it 2001 again? Nope, Miami is just one of the most exciting teams in college football once again. The U has been subpar since the golden ages of Miami, with players such as Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Sean Taylor, Clinton Portis, Devin Hester and many others. At the time those players attended the University of Miami, The U had a certain swagger that they played with, and teams were trembling to face Miami. Since then, not so much. But, the 2017 Miami Hurricanes have an aura about them, and it is because of one item; The Turnover Chain.

The Turnover Chain may very well be the best thing in all of sports. That must be the most motivating item in sports. Every defensive player on Miami is well aware of the Turnover Chain and they all want it. Every time the opposing team runs a play, all the Miami defense is thinking about is creating a turnover, so they can be blessed with the Turnover Chain celebration on the sideline. I feel like even I would want the chain so badly that I would somehow find a way to create a turnover if you threw me out there tomorrow, if it meant I would get to wear the Turnover Chain. The Turnover Chain is a prime example of prefect coaching from The U’s defensive coordinator, Manny Diaz II. Not only does every defensive player know about and want the chain, but if you don’t think that every opposing quarterback has nightmares about the Turnover Chain, you are a crazy person. The chain makes opposing QBs press, they don’t want to be responsible for not only a turnover, but the chain is item that gives Miami an enormous swagger and confidence boost. Perhaps the chain’s biggest plus is that the home fans have completely got behind it. Miami is now an extremely tough place to play for opposing teams, and if The U gets a turnover, the home crowd goes absolutely bananas.

This past week an old rivalry was reborn in the form of “Catholics vs Convicts”, aka The U vs Notre Dame. Both teams seem to be the real deal this year, and coming into the game Notre Dame were 3-point favorites on the road. Miami must’ve seen that they were home underdogs and taken great disrespect to that, because they went ahead and ruined Notre Dame’s entire day by shellacking them, 41-8. I’ll be honest, I bet on Miami that game, I didn’t do any research, the only two reasons I did so was because they were home dawgs and because of the Turnover Chain, and it worked out pretty well. I hope the Hurricanes are able to keep up this pace because the chain is so electric and college football is a better place with The U being legitimate contenders.

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