The Warriors Are Playing Chess While The Rest Of The NBA Is Playing Checkers

I love this league. I don’t understand how a living, breathing human being could dislike this league. It simply could not be me.

While the Lakers are signing Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson and Javale McGee to play with Lebron, the Warriors casually go out and sign Boogie Cousins to the mid level exception. $5 million dollars roughly. Rondo signed for double that.

The best part about all of this is how mad online people are about it. “The NBA is ruined.” “What’s the point of even watching, we know who’s going to win.” Fair points except let’s not act like Boogie is the guy that puts them over the top. The Warriors were the odds on favorites to win before last night.

How about those losers that think Adam Silver needs to stop this kind of thing from happening? That’s the funniest group of people. Everything the Warriors have done is completely legal. You want Silver to stop teams from drafting well, signing free agents that perfectly fit your scheme and making the right moves to free up enough cap space to sign really good players? Okay pal.

Looking at it from Boogies perspective, HP Basketball put it perfectly:

A guy with a build like Boogie coming off of an Achilles injury should scare you. There’s a reason his market was what it was. The Warriors took advantage of the circumstances and Boogie was willing to take a significant pay cut. Get over it.

Warriors in 2.

Photo credit: Bleacher Report

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