The Yankees Complete An Electric Comeback To Tie The ALCS


The Yankees showed their heart and determination as they complete a gutsy comeback in a pretty much, must win game. The game started as a pitching duel between Sonny Gray and Lance McCullers, through the first 5 inning both pitchers were dealing, making both lineups look foolish. The top of the 6th is where things started to go awry for Sonny Gray, Sonny started the inning with a leadoff walk to the Astro’s leadoff slugger, George Springer, never a good sign. Next, Josh Reddick put on his best Jacoby Ellsbury impression and reached based on a catcher’s interference call. Then, in steps the probable AL MVP, Jose Altuve, after one pitch in the dirt, Girardi decides he’s seen enough and brings David Robertson in to face Altuve with a 1-0 count. Altuve ends up working a walk to load the bases, after a strikeout of Carlos Correa, in steps Yulieski Gurriel with the bases loaded. The Houston slugger rips a double down the line to clear the bases. Robertson eventually gets out of the inning trailing 3-0. Couple that with Starlin Castro straight up falling down trying to field a ground ball in the top of the 6th and the Yanks are down 4-0 and looking like they were facing Nolan Ryan rather than Lance McCullers.

In the bottom of the 7th the bats began to wake up a bit. Aaron Judge leads off the inning with a bang, by taking a hanging curveball from Lance McCullers into orbit. Finally, someone can hit this guy. Didi followed suit with a triple, then Gary Sanchez hit a sac fly to bring in Didi and make it a 4-2 game, showing that the Yanks had life.

The Yankee’s exploded in the bottom of the 8th, the spiritual leader of the Yanks, Todd Frazier, who is beginning to remind me of Nick Swisher in 2009 with his timely hits and morale boosting, leads off the 7th with a rope down the left field line. Next up was a pinch-hitting Chase Headley, as all Yankee fans took a collective sigh. I mean, this guy stinks, he STINKS, he’s got double play written all over him. SIKE, HEADLEY IS DEADLY. Chase hits a gapper in-between the left and center fielder, but of course as Headley rounds first he falls right on his face but somehow makes it to second safely, the guy can’t make anything look smooth, but he got the job done. Now the Yanks have runners on second and third with nobody out, and the top of the order coming to bat, and the Astro’s closer, Ken Giles coming in to face Brett Gardner. Gardner makes a productive out as he hit an RBI ground out to second, thus scoring Frazier and moving Headley to third. Aaron Judge steps into the box with a chance to tie the game in the bottom of the 8th, and he did just that as he hit a piss missile, that I thought was gone off the bat, but ended up just hitting the wall, scoring the tying runner from third. By the way shout out to that guy who tried to reach over the wall and grab it to make it a home run, I’m sure nobody would’ve noticed buddy.

Didi stepped up and hit a seeing eye single through the infield, and then El Gary came up HUGE as he ripped a double into the right centerfield gap to give the Yanks the lead; 6-4. Aroldis Chapman came in to close out the game, and he did exactly that. Back in June, I tweeted that Chapman worries me in potential big games later in the year, for a while I was proved right, as he was giving up bombs every time he pitched. But, recently he has proved me wrong, and believe me, I’ve never wanted to be more wrong in my entire life. So let’s hope he keeps shoving the ball down opponent’s throats, and making me eat my words.

The series is now tied at 2 apiece, with one more game to play in Yankee Stadium before going back to Minute Maid park down in Houston, the Yanks have gathered all the momentum as their bats have woken up in the last two games. The starting pitching on both sides has been terrific so far, and don’t expect that to stop as the Yankees are set to face Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander in the next two games. Where the Yanks could gain an advantage is in the bullpen; in Game 4, New York saw Houston’s very best out of the pen, and seemed to handle them with ease, thus, planting a seed of doubt in the Astro’s bullpen. The Yankees must grind out at bats against Keuchel, get his pitch count up, and get into that bullpen as soon as possible. If they do that the New York Yankees could head back to Houston, one win away from the WORLD SERIES.


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