The Yankees Season In Review

The New York Yankees season has officially come to a heartbreaking end. The main component that got them to ALCS is the exact reason they were eliminated, their offence. The Yankees’ bats went silent for Game 6 and 7, after they were woken up in Yankee Stadium. Charlie Morton and Lance McCullers both shoved the ball down the Yankees throats in Game 7, both pitchers combined for a 3 hit, shut out. The Yankees were out played in the deciding games, and as much as it pains me to say, the Houston Astros were the better team and they deserved to win. Also, a little unfair that Houston had to go ahead have a Hurricane crush their city, because history shows that natural disasters and tragic events lead to sports championships, that’s just a fact. That may sound rude, because it certainly doesn’t make up for the tragedy, but facts are facts, the Saints winning the Super Bowl after hurricane Katrina, and the Red Sox winning the World Series after the Boston bombing are a couple examples. So the Dodgers better watch out.

Now that the season is over for the Yankees, it is time to reflect. I want to preface by saying, if you are a Yankee fan and mention a “rebuilding year” or say, “we weren’t supposed to be here”, GET LAWST. It was very clear early in the season that The Yankees could be a legitimate contender. Once Aaron Judge was doing his thing, batting over .300 and hitting a million home runs, Gary Sanchez keeping his pace from the previous year, Severino figuring it out, and the amazing bullpen there was no way this team was “rebuilding”. Then, the Yankees fully went for it by acquiring key pieces like Sonny Gray, Tommy Kahnle, David Robertson, and Todd Frazier at the trade deadline. The “rebuilding year” people are the same as the “27 rings” people, they make me cringe as a Yankee fan.

Now, I don’t want this to seem like I am anything but heartbroken about this season ending, however there are positives that we can bring from this extreme negative. Let’s start with the offence. The Yankees main weapons throughout their lineup are for the most part, young and hungry for more. Aaron Judge was a rookie this year and not only has Rookie of the Year locked up, but he may win the American League MVP. I know many people are worried about regression for Judge, and of course he most likely will considering he hit over .280 with 52 homeruns and over 100 RBIs, but he now has a full off season to adjust what he needs to adjust, and hopefully will strive to be as good, if not better than he was this season. Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorius are both coming off record setting years offensively, and will look to continuously grow. As for Sanchez, he needs to improve dramatically behind the plate, he is literally a liability back there, and if he doesn’t get better he will have to become a DH ASAP. Greg Bird may be the most exciting player to keep an eye out for next season. Bird came up big time after time in the playoffs, once he was finally healthy. In the beginning of the season he had such high expectations, and met exactly zero of them, he stunk. I was almost happy he was hurt, because I refused to believe that early in the season Greg Bird was the Greg Bird we were going to get. Aaron Hicks is returning and looking to build on his career year, through a full season. With the influx of talent already in the majors some may forget about the up and coming talent such as Clint Frazier and eventually, Gleyber Torres, hopefully he can come up and replace Chase Headley at third base.

Now to the pitching, their pitching staff greatly over achieved this year, especially CC Sabathia and Luis Severino. Severino proved his potential and must continue to build on it and become the Yankees’ ace of the future. Sonny Gray may not have been the pitcher Yankee fans expected when they traded for him, but nonetheless he was still a solid front of the rotation kind of starter, he has done it in the past in will continue to do it for the Yankees in the future. Tanaka had maybe the worst year of his career this past season, but that was because of a series of bad starts, awful stars. However, Tanaka still showed flashes of greatness especially when it mattered most in the playoffs. Jordan Montgomery had a bit of a rocky season as well, but he is still very young and also showed flashes of promise this season, and should be an exciting player to watch for next year. Lastly for the starters is CC Sabathia, that thick bastard, he turned back the clock this year and was an integral part of the Yankees success this season. CC’s contract is up, but hopefully the Yanks can sign him back to a reasonable contract. Also, don’t forget about Chance Adams, he killed it in the minors this season, and could make some major noise come next season. The bullpen remains the same, and should stay dominant. Green, Kahnle, Roberston, and Chapman are all returning, and hopefully can cut down on their 20+ blown games this season.

At the end of the day it sucks that the Yankees lost a series that they had a real chance to win, but they didn’t. so we must do the only thing we can as Yankee fans, look to the future and realize how bright it could be.


PS-Remember when then the Yanks had Chris Carter on the team, yeah, it was the same year they almost won the ALCS. The world is a WILD place.

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