This Is The One Time I’ll Feel Bad For Meek Mill

It’s currently freezing rain where I live. I could slip, fall and break my neck with every step I take. I’m risking my life with every single trip to the store. I could be the person in this video.

Meek has had a rough couple of years. Between the Drake beef, the arrests and Nicki breaking up with him this is the last thing this guy needs. We’ve made fun of him for everything under the sun and we thought we’d run out of things to make jokes about. Well this isn’t one of those things. Act like you haven’t fallen in the snow or ice before. It’s humiliating. You try to gain your balance, think you do for a second and before you know it you’re on the ground scanning your surroundings to make sure nobody saw you. What makes this video painful to watch is the snow falling on him. It’s one thing to almost paralyze yourself but to have snow fall on you? Might as well start engraving my tombstone if that happens. 

People who “love the snow” only love it when they’re in four warm layers and/or going skiing and snowboarding. Nobody, and I mean absolutely NOBODY, likes getting the equivalent of an hours snowfall on their clothes. It seeps down to your skin, you almost always never do it when you have a change of clothes at your dispense and there’s no way to hide it. So Meek Mill, you’ve taken a lot of L’s lately but I sympathize with you. Guys probably just leaving to go grab a bite to eat and the devil strikes him where he stands. If you want, I’ll send my bank routing number and you can send me some cash to make a video of me falling to take some of the spotlight off of you. 

P.S.-Best part of this video is him sprinting away at the end like someone just let gun shot off. Just tried to get up and sprint the snow off. I love the effort. 


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