This Week in Sport Business: June 8th

The world has been turned upside down. Nothing is as it was three short months ago. The Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt to the world like history has rarely seen before; and the world of sports is certainly not immune to its effects. The NBA and the NHL both have been suspended in the middle of their respective regular seasons, and Major League Baseball never even got a chance to begin its 2020 season. Even though there has been a seemingly unbreakable halt to live game action, the sports world has continued to do business.

Whether it be how to re-commence sport at the appropriate time or how to maintain safe and suitable environments for fans in the future, deals are being done and money is being made. There is too much at stake for these multi-billion dollar industries to just sit idly by and not continue to do business, even at a time where the world is literally at a stand-still. Major sporting events have been affected in different ways. Some, like the 2020 Men’s National Basketball Championship tournament, were canceled completely; others, like the 2020 Masters golf tournament, were tentatively rescheduled to a later date in the calendar year; and major sports, like the NBA, NHL, and MLB are all negotiating between ownership and the players unions on a realistic way to restart or begin their seasons.

Moving forward, this column will look to highlight the biggest stories each week in the sports business world. This week, stories include:

Ronaldo, soccer’s first billion-dollar man

Megogo lands exclusive NBA rights in Russia

DAZN to make 125M from sale

Japan’s first pro women’s footbal league


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