This Week in the Mets Offseason: Jose Reyes and What’s Next

Yesterday afternoon it was reported by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic that the Mets and former All-Star Jose Reyes agreed to a 1-year deal that will bring him back to the Big Apple. 

Rosenthal also reported that Reyes was not signed to be the Mets Opening Day second baseman, but a utility player. That news was very important for the Mets fan base to hear because as much as the majority of Met fans wanted Reyes back he is not a good enough to be an everyday player on a team competing for a playoff spot.

It is believed that the Mets are still in the market for someone to fill the hole at Second Base even if they have to sign a Third Baseman which in turn would move Asdrubal Cabrera to 2nd.

At one point Jose Reyes was the best player on the Mets alongside David Wright. It seemed like the two would lead the Mets out of the depths of disappointment and turn the Franchise into perennial contenders.

Reyes was the most exciting player in baseball in his younger years and was a vital piece of the 2006 Mets team that was one win away from the World Series. At the time it seemed like the Mets would be World Series contenders as long as Reyes and Wright were on the left side of their infield.

Unfortunately, that was not the case as the Mets never reached the playoffs again with the young and talented duo on the left side of the infield. After 2011 the Mets and Reyes parted ways as Jose wanted a big contract while the Mets wanted to cut ties with the All-Star.

Jose signed with the division rival Miami Marlins for 106 million over 6 years. Reyes did not last long in Miami as after 1 season in which he played very well he was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays.

In 2015 he was traded to the Rockies and in 2016 he was suspended by the league for 52 games without pay. Soon after that, he was cut by Colorado due to the Domestic Violence incident that caused his suspension. Shortly after the Colorado Rockies cut ties with Reyes the Mets signed him to a minor league deal, bringing him back home.

In 2016 Reyes provided the team with a lift, his energy along with his speed and athleticism helped propel the team to a Wild Card spot in the second half of the season.

The most interesting part of this signing is the fact that Reyes is supposed to be a utilityman because the Mets kept Reyes for last season to have the same role, but he ended up having the most plate appearances for them last year. The Mets are hoping that their injury woes are behind them which would allow Reyes to be the utilityman they want.

The signing of Jose Reyes fills out the bench for the most part which leads to Mets fans asking the question that I have been asking after every signing they have made and that question is What’s Next?

The Mets did not fill any hole that they have in the starting lineup or the rotation. They still have holes at 2nd/3rd, Catcher, and the Starting Rotation, luckily for Met fans there is not much of a guessing game as to what the team is going to do.

It has been reported by many that the Mets are going to continue to evaluate the Free Agent market for Pitchers and Position players that belief was reiterated by the teams General Manager tonight on SNY’s show, The Mets Hot Stove.

Sadly, though it is not likely that the Mets will be very aggressive in their actions as they, along with the majority of the MLB, are going to be patient in order to get the best talent they can get for the right price. Although many would like to see them do what the Brewers did yesterday and be aggressive in their actions, patience has worked to this point, so they are not looking to change course now.

The Mets are reportedly most interested in acquiring Neil Walker, Eduardo Nunez, or Todd Frazier to fill their hole on the infield but it may be awhile before any of them sign with the Mets.

The team does not seem interested in acquiring a catcher as they feel that a platoon of Travis d’Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki for 2018 will be sufficient.

It is an idea I am not opposed to solely due to the fact that there aren’t many good alternatives out there as even Jonathan Lucroy brings a big risk to the table at his age coupled with his declining offensive output. Lucroy is the only Free Agent catcher worth looking at, but don’t hold your breath Mets fans it is not likely that he will be in the Big Apple next year.

When it comes to pitching the Mets may invest in a veteran starter after they acquire a player to play 2nd/3rd but it is not definite because they do have a lot of options to fill out the rotation already, even though many are unproven, injury prone, or both. It is unlikely that they will sign another reliever to a major league deal but it is possible for the right price.

The Mets are not done yet and I truly believe that they will bring in someone to play 2nd/3rd base along with a veteran like Andrew Cashner to bring more stability to the rotation. Beyond that, I think the Mets roster will be set for Spring Training where they will figure everything else out.

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