This Week in the Mets Offseason: The Winter Meetings

This past week was the most exciting week in the offseason for baseball fans, the Winter Meetings. It is a four-day stretch where the brass of every team in baseball and the agents of big name free agents are in the same hotel strictly to discuss business. For a diehard baseball fan, it is a whole week of Christmas with rumors swirling, trades made, and players signing contracts.

For the Mets, the week started off with a few interesting rumors, to say the least. A rumor that lit a fire under the New York Mets fan base, on Monday afternoon was the Mets were discussing the possibility of trading the former Dark Knight, Matt Harvey with multiple teams.

The idea of trading Harvey isn’t terrible in theory, he has struggled mightily since he suffered thoracic outlet syndrome two seasons ago but teams are still interested in him because of the possibility he could turn it back around and become the Dark Knight again.

Also, it is believed that whether or not Harvey performs well this season he will not be in a Mets uniform beyond 2018, so it would make sense to get something back for him no matter how little that something may be.

However, those rumors were put to rest when Sandy Alderson said he was going to listen to the advice of his new manager and keep Harvey around.

That was how the Mets started off their week in Florida and they did not have an explosive week like they had the past two years, but they did make a move and got deep into talks with other teams regarding trades as well. The Mets missed out on two of their top bullpen options on Tuesday, Bryan Shaw and Tommy Hunter, it seemed as if the Mets world was collapsing.

Luckily, the Mets front office was able to pivot as they have in the past to get a player that they like and at a cheaper price in Anthony Swarzak. Swarzak has had an up and down career but just had an amazing season while using two pitches that he developed while in Cleveland with the Mets new Manager Mickey Callaway a few years ago.

Those were the two big stories that came out of the Winter Meetings for the Mets, I know nothing exciting but we did learn what their priorities are for the rest of the offseason.

To begin the offseason the Mets were looking for a veteran starting pitcher to eat innings, two backend relievers to create an elite bullpen, a First Base/Corner Outfield mix, and a Second Baseman. This has changed a bit as it looks as if the Mets don’t want a starting pitcher and are fine with one reliever to improve their bullpen.

Besides those two changes, the Mets still have the same idea on the offensive side of the ball and as of now they are prioritizing filling the hole they have at second base. Rumors have it that the Mets are extremely interested in the Cleveland Indians Jason Kipnis, an All-Star second baseman who just had an injury-plagued season, so he would obviously fit in with the injury-prone Mets.

On a serious note, Kipnis is a player that would fit well with the Mets and they would have to give up very little in order to obtain him due to his contract, age (30), poor season last year, and the Indians have a young second baseman they believe in.

The final rumor that came out of the Winter Meetings regarding the Mets was that they are in contact with Outfielder Jay Bruce, this news was something that the Mets fan base was excited about because Bruce became a fan favorite last season while wearing the Orange and Blue.

Bruce and the Mets have been in contact but the Outfielder market will be the last to be touched in the offseason as it usually is. Nonetheless, it is a good sign that the Mets are at least talking to Bruce as he is a valuable bat to have in the lineup and is worth the investment.

The Offseason is a long way away from ending and big moves are going to be made throughout the league. The only question is, will the Mets be one of the teams that makes a big move, or will they make small splashes just to fit tiny holes?

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