Update in the CONCACAF WCQ (WEEK 8)

Here are the qualifying scenarios for Week 8:


Mexico has already clinched a berth into the World Cup by winning at home against Panama.


**SPOILER: This isn’t for US. In fact they could be on the death bed if they lose.**



  1. Win
  2. tie + Honduras win + Panama tie
  3. tie + Honduras win +Trinidad and Tobago win
  4. tie + Honduras win + Panama win
  5. tie + US win + Panama tie
  6. tie + US win + Panama loss
  7. loss + Hon/US ends in tie + Panama loss


As for for Elimination Scenario:

Trinidad and Tobago are the only team that can be eliminated thus far…

  1. loss vs Panama






  1. Mexico* 17pts, +8 GD
  2. Costa Rica 14pts, +7 GD
  3. US 8pts, +1 GD
  4. Honduras 8pts, -7 GD
  5. Panama 7pts, -1 GD
  6. Trinidad and Tobago 3pts, -8 GD


* = Mexico has qualified for the World Cup because they have more than 15 points AND only Costa Rica can overtake them!


(Featured image curtesy from https://www.si.com/planet-futbol/2017/06/12/concacaf-world-cup-qualifying-2018-hexagonal-standings-schedule-results)


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