Victimized: The Life and Times of a Buffalo Bills Fan


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Every team is only as good as the fan base that roots for them. This past Sunday October 21st, the Buffalo Bills dropped their fifth of seven total regular season games this season leaving fans wondering why we were cursed to root for a team that after finally turning things around to make last year’s NFL playoffs (Wildcard loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars) is having one of the worst NFL seasons of [what feels like] all time. To honor that, heres a look into the perspective of a struggling Bills fan.

To start, I’ll take it back to the 2013 NFL draft where the Bills drafted EJ Manuel, or as we called him in Buffalo, “The Future.” Manuel was a top ranked quarterback going into the draft with great potential and athleticism and highlights to back it up. We were psyched, happy to finally have a young first round quarterback that wasn’t named Ryan Fitzpatrick, Trent Edwards, or J.P. Losman.

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His 3 seasons were plagued with injury, benching, and some emergency starts for Kyle Orton and Tyrod Taylor. Tyrod took over the team, much to us fans pleasure, teaming with star running back Lesean McCoy to form one of the leagues more dangerous running duo. In 2016, fans were torn between the idea of Tyrod being “The Future” of the bills, or just a stepping stone to a new face [Josh Allen]. Either way, we were blessed with an opportunity to see the Bills end their  drought of 17 years. Aforementioned, the Bills lost a heartbreaker in the wildcard playoffs.

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Fast Forward to the 2017 draft, the Bills select Josh Allen, or as you may have heard one or two fans call him “The Future.” With the pre-draft hype of the top quarterbacks going to the NFL, we were ecstatic for any of them to join our battle. Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen, Allen, etc. were all possible faces that would be thrusted into the bright lights of Buffalo, New York. Tyrod had been traded to Cleveland leaving the Bills with rookie Josh Allen and backup Nate Peterman, whose NFL career so far had been a dud.

Where we currently stand? 2-5, with a dying hope the season is not lost. Josh Allen is injured and could miss up to 3 more weeks, Nate Peterman too much of a liability to give another chance, and veteran Derek Anderson under center, who was added to the roster less than 2 weeks ago. In addition, I figure I’d throw in the Buffalo Bills numbers since 1998 when I was born, 142-178 with 0 1st place finishes and 3 tragic wildcard losses.

Overall, it’s tough being a Bills fan. The tough losses, constantly having to defend the Bills to other fan bases, having Derek Anderson be the week 8 starting quarterback, it all sucks. But when I say I wouldn’t trade my Bills for anything, I mean that. After all, we are the greatest fan base in all of sports.

Please pray for us, and as always, go Bills.

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