WCQ CONCACAF Rounds 7 and 8

We’re almost done and the fates of two National Squads are sealed. One for the better and the other has three more years to regroup and try again.


I am talking about Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago.


All the games this week involve World Cup qualifying scenarios. The only team that can qualify this coming Friday is MEXICO. In addition to this, the only team which is out is Trinidad and Tobago since it only has thre points, and there are four more games which would give them a maximum amount of points of 15 (not enough to climb to 4th place and go to the Intercontinental Playoff with Asia).


The Current Standings:

Curtesy from FIFA: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/preliminaries/nccamerica/index.html#276449


The Games are:

Home team first, all games are on September 1st 

United States vs Costa Rica, 6:55pm, Red Bull Arena, Harrison, New Jersey

Trinidad and Tobago vs Honduras, 8pm Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva

If Trinidad and Tobago wins or ties and Mexico wins, Mexico goes to the World Cup

Mexico vs Panama, 8:30pm, Estadio Azteca, Mexico City


My Picks for this week are:

United States vs Costa Rica: Tie (1-1)

Trinidad and Tobago vs Honduras: Honduras (2-1)

Mexico vs Panama: Mexico (2-0)


Predicted Standings:

  1. Mexico, 17pts., +9 GD
  2. Costa Rica, 12 pts., +5 GD
  3. United States, 9pts., +3 GD
  4. Honduras, 8pts., -7 GD
  5. Panama 7 pts., 0 GD
  6. Trinidad and Tobago, 3pts., -8GD


Week 8

This is the third to last week and the games are more important because of that. The fate of first place is on the line since Costa Rica hosts Mexico and that has qualification implications, the third and fourth place teams will be likely to be decided this week since there are only two more games and those will be the most important to the United States, Panama, and Honduras.


The Games:

All Games are September 5th

Honduras vs United States, 5:36 pm, Estadio Olimpico, San Pedro Sula

Loser could be eliminated, next fixture.

Costa Rica vs Mexico, 8:05pm, Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica, San José

Panama vs Trinidad and Tobago, 9:05pm, Estadio Rommel Fernandez, Panama City

Panama could eliminate the loser between Honduras and United States next fixture


My Picks:

Honduras vs United States: Honduras (1-0)

Costa Rica vs Mexico: Tie (1-1)

Mexico Qualifies and Costa Rica is one point away (Plays Honduras next)

Panama vs Trinidad and Tobago: Panama (2-0)


Projected Standings

  1. Q-Mexico 18pts, +9 GD
  2. Costa Rica 12 pts., +7 GD*
  3. Honduras 11pts., -7 GD
  4. Panama 10 pts., +2 GD
  5. United States 9 pts., +2 GD
  6. e-Trinidad and Tobago 3 pts., -10 GD**

*= Costa Rica could qualify in Week 9 due to the Goal Differential being +8 or above and that Honduras, Panama and United States the maximum it could get that week is: Honduras 14pts. with a Goal Differential being negative, United States 12 pts. +3 or above Goal Differential and Panama 13 pts. +3 or above Goal Differential.


**= Trinidad and Tobago is eliminated due to having a maximum of 9 points in my scenario




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