Week 8 NFL Picks

We had the Seahawks and Cardinals play to a 6-6 tie on Sunday Night Football and people are PISSED. The rhetoric surrounding that game was that it was boring and that’s why the ratings are down. Listen, that was two good teams with good defenses playing some good ole fashion football. Who cares if only 12 total points were scored? We’re conditioned to believe now that if a game doesn’t have 1,000 total yards and 100 total points that the game was bad and “unwatchable”. Get out of here with that. The casual football fan can get mad all they want and ramble for days about how the product is bad and blah blah blah but hey, nobody is telling you to watch the games. Go do something else with your Sundays like go shopping or something. Nobody is forcing you to watch anything.

I also love the people who now have made it their sole purpose to watch the NFL only to bash it every waking second of their life. Go complain about something more important than a form of entertainment. I see all the time people saying they’re going to boycott the NFL by not watching because of Kaepernick. Okay dude, go for it. Again, you’re not doing much by announcing that you’re refusing to watch a form of entertainment because of something that really doesn’t effect you. Watch what you want to watch and don’t watch you don’t want to watch. That should go without saying.

Here’s my NFL Week 8 picks.

Straight Up:

Bengals, Chiefs, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Texans, Jets, Patriots, Cardinals, Broncos, Packers, Cowboys, Bears.

Against the Spread:

Bengals (-3), Chiefs (-3), Buccaneers (PK), Saints (+2.5), Lions (+2.5), Jets (-3), Patriots (-6.5), Cardinals (+3), Chargers (+4.5), Packers (+3), Cowboys (-5), Bears (+4.5)

Best Bets:

Chiefs (-3), Patriots (-6.5), Falcons/ Packers Over 53.

3 Team 10 Point Teaser:

Bears (+14.5), Buccaneers (+10), Cardinals (+13).


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