What I Would Do To Play One More Game

Who would give anything to play one last high school game?

I know I would.

Sports are my lift. Everything I do revolves around sports. This is why high school sports meant so much to me.

Only athletes know the pain of playing in your last high school game. This pain is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Knowing that you will never get a chance to play another minute is heartbreaking.

For many students high school will be the last time they play sports competitively. That is was athletes take their last game so seriously. Players will leave everything they have on the field, court, or track. Your senior year of high school is the last chance to show everyone who you are before you pursue your future goals in life. Sports are one of the best ways to do that for students. While playing a sport you will learn life long skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership.

In high school I was a multi sport athlete for Mount Markham. I played soccer, volleyball, and baseball. I have been playing these sports since I was at a young age. Over the years my passion for these sports slowly began to grow. With this passion my competitiveness came with it. I always wanted to win, it didn’t matter what sport I was playing.

In the fall I played on the varsity soccer team. My senior year I was named team captain. This meant a lot to me because team captain was named by the votes of teammates rather than the coach. By having my teammates name me team captain, showed me that they looked up to me. My team was made up of a great group of guys.

When it came to sectionals our team worked hard. The seniors on the team played every minute like it was their last in hopes to move onto the next round and the underclassmen played hard for the seniors knowing that it could be our last high school soccer game ever. We survived the first round of sectionals but ended up losing in the second round. Because of how much effort and dedication I put into this season, when the final whistle blew it felt like the whole world ended. All the seniors broke out into tears. This is when the pain kicks in. I know after the game ended I stayed quite until I got home. I did not want to talk about the game. I was so upset that soccer was over the only thing I could think about was volleyball.

Volleyball was the sport that I had played for the fewest number of years. I played volleyball for three years in high school. Our volleyball program was one of the most successful in the state. This gave our team a little pressure to live up to but not enough to stop of from having fun playing the game. In my first two seasons with the team we managed to win two Class C Regional Titles. Regional was as far as our team would go because then it would cut into the spring sports. Going into my senior year I was named team captain by my teammates. After the way our previous two seasons finished my goal was to win it all for the third year in a row. This would be the greatest way to end my volleyball career. With an undefeated regular season we make it sectionals again. We won our first game no problem but when it came to our Sectional Final game in Canastoda we ran into a problem. The team we were playing in the finals we had previously beaten three time in the regular season. Knowing that I think our team came into the game a little cocky. Long story short we ended up losing to this team. Volleyball was my favorite sport to play so losing that game and knowing that we wouldn’t get the chance to play for Regional was devastating. I had so many friends and family there to support me and by losing that game I felt like I let them down as well as myself. The seniors took that loss as hard as I’ve ever seen a team lose. From here the only thing I could do is focus on baseball.

Baseball was my least favorite of the three sports I played but that didn’t mean that I didn’t still have the same passion and competitiveness. I was on and off when it came to baseball. Some years I wanted to play and other years I didn’t. But my senior year came around and I decided that it is my last chance to play a high school sport. This team had my closest friends on it which made playing easy. My senior year we had a very successful season. Our team went 12-3. Compared to previous years this was a great record. With this record we ended up having to face our biggest rival which was Sauquoit Valley. We have previously beaten this team two other times this season. We knew they would come to play because of the rivalry we have with them and sure enough they did. We lost to our biggest rival in the playoffs. I was more upset that we lost to our rivals than losing the game. I wasn’t as emotional about not being able to play high school baseball as I was with soccer and volleyball but it was still tough to think about.

For all of the kids that are still in high school playing sports, don’t take it for granted. Eventually it will come to an end and you will know what I’m talking about. The pain of losing your final game will be the worst pain you’ve ever felt, trust me. My final work of advise would be to have fun and make as many memories as you can. These memories will become very important as you get older.


This video has a verse about how he wishes he had 5 more minutes to play football.

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