What if CONMEBOL and CONCACAF fused?

I know that this is a giant mental battle. 51 nations and 13 spots in the World Cup all rolled into one. How can World Cup Qualification happen or how can there be a club that would represent the entire American Supercontinent? Well let’s start with the first part of the question the World Cup Qualification.


As this is the side that has the most members it should be fair that the League A and the top of League B of the CONCACAF Nations League. These leagues collectively have twenty-eight  nations, where League A is the best and B is the second best. So in order to do this system, the twenty-eight national teams will qualify for the top ten in general to be part of the Super League with the CONMEBOL associations. The tournament will be like every US sports league where there would be 14 per conference, where the two best teams will go to the Conference where all of League A will be (top five of both conference will qualify).


All ten associations will go to the Super League.

Super League 

The twenty nations will be split into five groups of four where the top two will qualify automatically to the World Cup. The remaining  5 spots will be decided with a tournament where the top five will be into the World Cup. In order to have a balance the groups will be drawn with a couple of rules. These rules are:

  1. Teams from North America and Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, and Bolivia can only have a pairing per group
    1. for example if a group has Mexico and Argentina and Bolivia comes up in a draw then Bolivia will be moved into the next available group
  2. There cannot be more than 2 teams per sub-conference
    1. If Group A has: Argentina and Peru, and Venezuela comes up, then Venezuela goes into Group B. The same will be the case if Group A has Costa Rica and Honduras then if El Salvador comes up then El Salvador goes to Group B
  3. Teams with political strife cannot play each other, this includes the second round until the final or semifinal
    1. For example, the US and Venezuela or US and Cuba or any future conflict

The draw will have five bowls with four nations. Pot A will be the best four nations ranked in the FIFA Rankings and then from then on will be the four best remaining to Pot B. Pot C will have 9-12th best nations according to the rankings, Pot D will have 13-16th best nations and lastly Pot E will have the remaining four. The procedure will start with Pot A then Pot D then Pot B and finally Pot C. There would be an additional draw to determine the seed, like A1 or A2.

For the tournament the third place national team from each group and the best overall fourth place will go to a tournament style playoff. Same draw conditions will apply except for the first one which would be enacted in the second stage of the tournament. This would be if the US plays Bolivia and moves on but with the way that the bracket is like plays Paraguay, the match will be moved to the next available spot.

For the Club tournaments: it would be the same except that there would be a playoff between the CONCACAF Champions League winner and the Copa Libertadores winner. The same is for the Gold Cup and the Copa America except if a nation wins both of them

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