What to Expect from the 2018 World Series

The World Series has finally arrived and with it comes two historic baseball teams to make this series a must see.

The Los Angeles Dodgers took the National League pennant against the Milwaukee Brewers this past Saturday to meet the Boston Red Sox who beat the Houston Astros in the ALCS. So, what can we expect out of this matchup? Will it be a long and challenging series, or will there be a clear favorite among the two teams?

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Throughout the season, both teams had great success, but none better than the Boston Red Sox finishing the season with 108 wins which made them the most winningest team in franchise history. This Red Sox team has an unstoppable offense and have many statistics to back that up. They led the league in total bats, hits, runs scored, overall team BA, and RBIs. Those are only mere things to what players like Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez have done for this Red Sox offense.

Not many teams during the season and not one team in the post season have been able to take done this offensive unit, but if there is one pitching staff that could do it, it could be the Dodgers.

The Dodgers had a wild ride into the postseason having to play a tiebreaker against the Colorado Rockies and then after that having to play the best team in the National league going into the post season, the Atlanta Braves. Atlanta was not able to stop them, losing in four games where they meet the Milwaukee Brewers who they beat in seven games. But the key to them getting this far was there pitching staff.

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Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler, Rich Hill, and Hyun-Jin Ryu were a pitching staff, according to Baseball Reference, who all had an ERA less than four during the regular season. Clayton Kershaw, in his older stages of his career, still is very efficient and sharp. With his three starts this post season two have them have shown that Kershaw is one of the best if not the best in the league. Walker Buehler is also having a stellar post season run especially closing out game seven with one earned run and seven strike outs. These pitchers are not to be taken lightly even if you are the Red Sox’s offense. But they aren’t the only thing they should watch out for.

The Dodgers’ offense may not compare to the Red Sox, but they have some weapons that can really hurt Boston. This includes Manny Machado, the shortstop that Boston’s remembers very well for his dirty slide into the second baseman Dustin Pedroia and injuring him causing some tension with the shortstop. Machado has shown improvement but has also made some controversial mistakes this postseason from late slides to taunting fans.

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There are still players like Yasiel Puig and Cody Bellinger who are consistently putting up numbers for the Dodgers’ offense. But are they able to get through the pitching staff of the Boston Red Sox.

Offense isn’t the only thing that got the Red Sox to where they are now. The starting pitchers really made a statement during the season but really have toned down in the postseason. Pitcher Chris Sale has had many injuries scars this season and postseason and besides being hospitalized with a stomach illness, he is still wary on how well his shoulder will perform. But he did say in the midst of all this that he is able to play game one.

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The other lefty star pitcher, David Price, who you can say has been inconsistent over his career but may have gotten over that hump after getting nine strikes to win the ALCS in Houston.

Two historic franchises, who haven’t meet in the world series since 1916 are back at it and I think this will be one to remember. It will be an historic ending to an historic season for both teams.

In my opinion I think the Dodgers’ pitching would be able to take down Boston’s offense to win there first World Series since 1988.

First game of the series is on October 23, at 8:09 PM EST and will be shown on FOX.

Game 2 is on October 24, at 8:09 PM EST on FOX.

Game 3 is on October 26,  at 8:09 PM EST on FOX.

Game 4 is on October 27, at 8:09 PM EST on FOX.

Game 5, if needed, is on October 28, at 8:15 PM EST on FOX.

Game 6, if needed, is on October 30, at 8:09 PM EST on FOX.

Game 7, if needed, is on October 31, at 8:15 PM EST on FOX.

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