What’s Next For LeBron?


After the madness that ensued during this past Thursday’s NBA trade deadline, there is only one question left to ask: What’s LeBron’s next move?


The two most popular theories out there both involve LeBron leaving Cleveland. One of these is that he goes to the Lakers while teaming up with another superstar, possibly Paul George. This seems like the most likely scenario that can play out if LeBron does choose to leave Cleveland. With all the trades that the Lakers made Thursday, they’ve cleared a path for two max contracts to be added this summer. Magic Johnson and the rest of the Lakers organization know full well that the time is now to land LeBron, and it’s evident they’re going all out to get him.


The second theory, and my least favorite one, is that he pulls a KD and joins the team he can’t beat: the Warriors. That would be a nightmare. I don’t even think Adam Silver would allow LeBron to go join Golden State. People love to hype this theory up just to play the ‘what if’ game. It won’t happen.


Here’s my theory. LeBron stays on the Cavs. Why? Because he’s buying them. Dan Gilbert is reportedly selling the Cavs and who better to buy them than the man himself, LeBron James. Is it even possible to be a player/owner? Honestly, if he did that he might as well fire Ty Lue and Koby Altman and become the first player/owner/GM/head coach ever.


LeBron has one thing left to do to cement his legacy, and that is to buy a team. If he truly wants to be recognized as the greatest basketball player of all-time, he’ll need to continue in MJ’s footsteps. It just seems to be odd timing for Gilbert to announce that he’s selling the Cavs right before LeBron is allegedly going to leave. It sounds like that this is Gilberts last chip to play to keep LeBron in Cleveland. If it is possible for a player to own a team, the only person that can do that is LeBron.


What do you think?




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