Why Aren’t The Jets The Worst Team In Football?

The Jets found a way to lose this past week against the Miami Dolphins and I could not be happier. But I still wonder, how are the New York Jets this good, this season? They were supposed to win zero games, but they somehow, someway, have won three games in only the first 7 weeks. HOW?!?! They stink, Josh McCown STINKS, before this season with the Jets, do you know the last time Josh McCown won 2 consecutive games? 14 goddamn years ago. You know the last time McCown won 3 straight games? NEVER. McCown has been in the NFL since 2002 and the first time he wins 3 consecutive games is in 2017 with the, clearly made-to-tank, New York Jets. Classic. Josh McCown stinks out loud, but he has found a way to win the Jets some games, while also showing flashes of good ole’ McCown by still being terrible from time to time. For example, this past week against the Dolphins, McCown was gifted a golden opportunity to win the game, despite the Jets giving up a 14-point 4th quarter lead. But I guess, McCown gonna McCown, and thank God for that, as he threw a terrible interception that led to a Dolphins victory. THE TANK IS STILL ON.

I just cannot wrap my brain around how the Jets have won three games. I can handle one win, because that was against the Browns, and they are a complete dumpster fire, but the Jaguars and Dolphins? That seems borderline impossible considering the quarterback talent they have under center. I mean Jay Cutler was once upon a time the highest paid QB in the league, he “retired” because he was simply too good for the league, but once he saw a team in need, Jay couldn’t just sit on his couch. He went to play for Miami for just 10 million dollars, what a steal! And don’t even get me started on Blake Bortles, I can’t blame Blake’s loss to the Jets on him because it was the week after he played in London, he must’ve been gassed. I mean I don’t know from personal experience but it has to take a toll on Bortles, being England’s quarterback and all, imagine being an entire country’s quarterback? No thanks, I tip my cap to Blake Bortles.

In all seriousness, if you are a Jets fan that actively roots for them to win this season, I hate you. The way the NFL works is, if you don’t have a quarterback, you are nothing. That’s exactly what the Jets are right now NOTHING. It is fine to root for certain parts of the team to do well, such as the defense. The Jets defense is an exciting group to root for, headed by their young secondary, led by rookies Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye. But the defense can only get you so far, at some point you need to score. The more games the Jets lose, the closer they are to getting a QB. Even if they don’t like any of the QBs coming out of college this season, because Sam Darnold has been underwhelming, or they don’t think Baker Mayfeild is NFL material, so on and so forth, an early first round pick can go a long way to making the Jets a relevant NFL team. There is a multitude of options they have to choose from with that first round pick, if they like a QB they can take him, they could draft an offensive weapon and get him seasoned for when they eventually do get a QB, they could continue to build the defense to make it easier for the eventual QB, or they could even trade the pick and get the quarterback they need, Alex Smith has a rookie QB looking over his shoulder in KC, perhaps the Chiefs would be intrigued by a first round pick, or perhaps the Patriots don’t want Jimmy Garoppolo sitting in Tom Brady’s shadow when they could get good value out of him so they could look to trade Jimmy. The point is there is no reason for the Jets to continue to sit in this purgatory with no quarterback. The Panthers and Eagles were in similar spots, and they got their quarterbacks of the future, in Cam Newton and Carson Wentz, so why not the Jets?

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