Why the Red Sox Will Win the 2018 World Series

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After back-to-back years of losing in the American League Division Series, the Boston Red Sox have made it back to the fall classic for the first time since winning it all in 2013. And after winning a franchise record 108 games this season, the Red Sox are hoping to keep this winning attitude; much like they have so far this postseason. They first defeated the most successful team in baseballs history, (New York Yankees) with a 3-1 series win, then took out the defending champions, (Houston Astros) with a 4-1 series win.

The Red Sox have three qualities that make them the favorite over the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2018 World Series. First, they have the best chemistry as a team in all of baseball which is comparable to the 2013 championship winning team. Secondly, the Red Sox score the most runs in baseball, including 58 so far this postseason in just ten games; compared to 44 runs scored by the Dodgers in twelve games. And lastly, the most important quality: the Red Sox, led by their young core, are clutch; they make the big play when they need it, for example:


It is pretty obvious to see Boston’s great team chemistry, these guys genuinely love one another, treat each other like family, and make this well known through in-game actions and social media posts. However, the even more fascinating part to their chemistry is, its not just the players, the whole coaching staff and organization is involved and most notably, the new guy in town: Alex Cora. His “picture wall” idea is such a unique way to connect to each win and helps create a personal bond for the team.

Say what you want, but this bond most certainly helps improve their play. Baseball is a team sport, and if you’ve played before, you know that playing for a team with low chemistry doesn’t usually end in success.

Offense (Most Runs scored)

Not only do the Red Sox have the most runs scored so far this postseason, they also led that category in the regular season, totaling at 876 runs, 25 more than the second place Yankees, who broke the single season team home-run record.

Boston also led the league in most essential offensive categories this season, including: hits, average, RBIs and on-base percentage. My point here is, home-runs aren’t the only way to score and be successful and the Red Sox are living proof of that, through their hustle and what is commonly known as “small ball”.

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The most important quality the Red Sox have is their ability to make a play when they need it. They have done this successfully all season, and are doing it even more now when it matters the most; the postseason. Most of the time when people think of clutch in baseball they instantly think offensively, however Boston is clutch on both sides of the diamond, such as the video above, as well as Mookie Betts great throw to nab Tony Kemp trying to beat out a double earlier that game. 

On the offensive side the Red Sox have enjoyed the emergence of Jackie Bradly Jr., as he is already a fabulous defender. Against the Astros Bradly started his tear with a 3-run double to give the Red Sox a lead in game 2, then continued with an 8th inning go-ahead grand slam, and another go-ahead home-run in games 3 and 4 respectively.

As a final point, it should be a great series, as the championship typically is. However, even though the Dodgers may hit more home-runs, they don’t have close to the same chemistry and team bond as the Red Sox, and based on the way each team has played so far through the regular season and most importantly the postseason, Boston seems to have a pretty good edge over Los Angeles.

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