Will I ever see the Mets win a World Series?

So here I stand today, one week removed from the Mets breaking my heart for the millionth time. That loss to the Giants was absolutely BRUTAL. We lost to a guy named Conor Gillaspie. A guy with a name like that sounds like your typical old boring next door neighbor that has a garden and complains about the local kids coming onto his lawn. While thinking about the Mets loss the next day, I really considered it to be possible that the Mets will never win a World Series in my lifetime.

I know some people may think that this is a crazy thought but it is extremely possible that my death will occur before the next time the Mets host the World Series trophy. I have been on this earth for 22 years. Year after year I think to myself the Mets are never going to win the big one and when it actually does happen I believe I will be six feet under. I have been a Met fan my entire life. I was born into this. I didn’t choose this life, IT CHOSE ME. I feel like there is a black cloud that runs over this team. This year was supposed to be the Mets’ year but once again the Mets had an enormous amount of terrible luck. Then they built up my hopes making the wild card game and let me down once again.

There is still a lot of optimism surrounding next years team with all of their pitching possibly (hopefully) being healthy once again. They just need to sign a power bat and I think they will be fine but as I say with the Mets….What can go wrong WILL go wrong!!!!! I am still optimistic about this team for next season as many other fans and players are but I have a gut feeling it will be the SAME OLD S***!

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