Woj Stole The Entire Draft Night

Before the draft, ESPN sent out a memo encouraging their employees not to tip picks before they were made on their TV broadcast. Aka they wanted to not do what’s been happening during drafts since Albert Alowishus Gore created the internet.

This is Woj’s time to shine. It’s the trade deadline, the draft and free agency. That’s where Woj butters his bread. Telling him not to tip picks is like throwing a bunch of uncooked steaks in front of a lions face and telling it not to eat them. You’re a buffoon if you think those steaks will not be devoured in 8 seconds flat.

Woj’s protege back at Yahoo Sports, Shams Charania, has been catching up to the big guy lately. We now have #ShamsBomb, a space that was once only occupied by the famous #WojBomb. If you thought Woj was going to let his son steal the spotlight on draft night, buddy,,, I have some news for you.

Woj was in his bag Thursday. Instead of tipping picks, he did what every college kid trying to reach that word count on a paper did; dusted off that thesaurus and got to work. Here’s what he was working with: https://twitter.com/nickdepaula/status/1009989792287690752?s=21

Absolutely electric. What a way to “not” spoil the picks. I’m going to start using these in my everyday life.

“Welcome to Dunkin Donuts how can I help you?”

Hi, I’m really zeroing in on that bacon, egg and cheese on a plain bagel.

“…do you want anything else?”

I have no plans to pass on that large iced coffee.

See how much better that exchange was? Electric city baby. Forget Luka Doncics mom, forget Mikal Bridges getting drafted by Philly and his mom being ecstatic about it only to have him traded. Woj stole the 2018 draft.

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