Yankees Cash In On Aaron Hicks

Longtime Yankees radio commentator John Sterling has a personalized home run call for every Yankees player, and center fielder Aaron Hicks is no exception, because whenever he hits a ball into the stands, the jovial John Sterling goes, “Hicks hits one to the sticks!”.

Yankees general manager and senior vice president Brian Cashman hit a home run of his own earlier this morning, because the Yankees and burgeoning switch hitter Aaron Hicks agreed to a seven-year, $70 million deal, as first reported by Jack Curry of the YES Network. Hicks was a pending unrestricted free agent prior to the deal. Manager Aaron Boone had proclaimed that Hicks is the “most underrated player in the game”, and even after this new agreement, he could very well be correct.

Since Hicks initially donned the pinstripes in 2016 after a November 2015 trade with the Minnesota Twins for backup catcher John Ryan Murphy, he’s concocted an impressive showing. Since 2016, Hicks has the ninth-highest walk rate (13.1%) among all outfielders, and an .838 OPS since the start of 2017. His Herculean arm strength has saved the Yankees many times, and his power numbers have become increasingly prominent since 2016.

What’s more is that, since 2017, Hicks has a higher WAR (8.6) than Bryce Harper, the latter still being a highly-coveted free agent in pursuit of a historic deal, while Hicks will remain in the Bronx until at least 2024.

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